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Janette Haase grew up in Montreal and received a geology degree from Queen’s University in Kingston. She has been growing and eating her own food since 1984. She and her ex-husband were living in Newfoundland and had made friends with a couple who were “living off the land.” That first gardening experience was wonderful, and in 1986 she and her young family returned to Ontario and bought a fifty-acre farm northeast of Kingston. There they immersed themselves in farm life, raised chickens and pigs, made maple syrup, cut firewood, and grew a large garden. Janette also developed a very successful two-acre organic market garden that sold specialty vegetables and herbs to restaurants such as Kingston’s Chez Piggy and Ottawa’s National Arts Centre.

In 1998 the demands of single parenting brought a move to a small village north of Kingston. Janette and her three children moved to a tiny house with a very tiny yard. Determined not to go without her own vegetables, Janette dug up a small area on her front lawn. There she discovered just how much food one can grow in a small space. Interested in eating locally and seasonally, Janette made a real commitment to eat from her garden. She also made a small root cellar in her basement and filled it with winter storage vegetables from a nearby organic farmer.

So began many years of experimenting with her garden and of developing recipes that used what was fresh or in storage. With the growing interest in local foods, Janette began to feel that her work had real relevance to anyone concerned about the environmental and social impact of their food choices. In 2005 she began work on From Seed to Table, combining gardening information with ideas for eating locally and seasonally as well as with information on the issues that relate to modern systems of food production.

Organizing her writing on a monthly basis seemed like a better way to explain gardening. It also lent itself to the development of a series of monthly workshops based on the book. Janette has run these workshops for three years now and participants come together once a month for a seasonal meal, followed by a presentation on gardening techniques and a discussion of a relevant issue. The workshops have been extremely successful, the meal provides a wonderful sense of community, and the group provides support and inspiration through a full year of gardening.

Janette continues to teach her workshops and gives talks and seminars in her community.

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