Moving My Transplants

After a few days of cold, wintry weather, spring has returned to southern Ontario.  I did plant some salad greens last week and I am sure that they survived the small bit of snow that we got and will start to germinate this week.  I have covered them with a double row of floating row cover as an experiment to see if the extra warmth results in an earlier harvest.  I am hoping to eat my first salad before the end of this month.  Will keep you posted!

I set up my little mini greenhouse today and moved my spinach, lettuce, green onion, beet and endive transplants outside.  The greenhouse is made of 2 x 4’s and four second hand windows, its about 2 feet tall and 6 feet long and has glass on the top and the front.  I made it 2′ tall so that it could hold my tomato transplants that will go out in late April or early May.  The flats I moved out today are already 3 weeks old and will have to go in the garden within a week or two.  They are all hardy vegetables and can survive a few cold nights, though if the forecast calls for several degrees below freezing, I will probably bring them in for the night.  It feels good to get them outside and the natural light will help them to toughen up a bit before they go in the garden.

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